Yacht Controller: At the state of the art of innovation at Cannes 2022

The Cannes Boat Show 2022 is just around the corner, and this year it’s with great excitement that Yacht Controller is preparing to be one of the exhibitors at the event. As a pioneer in the boat remote control industry, Yacht Controller is ready to reveal its latest innovations to the boating world, the Nemesis system and its TK remote control.

Every year, the Cannes Boat Show brings together the most influential players in the boating industry, providing an exceptional platform to showcase the most revolutionary products and promising technological advances.

In this article, we take you inside the exciting world of Yacht Controller at the Cannes Boat Show 2022. Get ready to discover the latest advances in Yacht Controller that are revolutionizing the way boaters interact with their boats, improving safety and efficiency every step of the way.

The Importance of the Cannes Boat Show in the Nautical Industry

The Cannes Boat Show is an essential event for companies in the marine industry. It offers international visibility, opportunities for business meetings, product launches, trend monitoring and brand consolidation. This must-attend event is a crossroads of opportunities for growth, visibility and collaboration, playing a central role in the marine industry. Participating in the Cannes Boat Show is an essential strategic choice for companies seeking to thrive in this competitive sector.

Presentation of the Nemesis Yacht Controller system

Discover the navigation revolution at Cannes 2022 with the Nemesis Yacht Controller system.

The Cannes Boat Show 2022 is just around the corner, and this year’s Yacht Controller stand is not to be missed. As an exhibitor, we’re delighted to present our newest product: the Nemesis Yacht Controller system, a revolutionary innovation that will change the way you sail your boat.

Be among the first to discover its incredible features at Cannes 2022. It offers complete wireless control of your yacht, allowing you to maneuver, moor and control your boat with ease. It’s designed to enhance the safety, convenience and efficiency of boating, while offering an unrivalled luxury experience.

The all-new Némésis system is state-of-the-art, with advanced features to enhance your boating experience. It stands out for its ability to connect to the latest generation of chartplotters, ensuring that you always have accurate information at hand.

What’s more, thanks to its remote Wi-Fi connectivity, it allows easy installation, upgrades and support via VPN, eliminating the need to bring a technician on board.

The system runs on the Linux operating system, providing a stable and reliable platform.

Installation is simplified thanks to Wi-Fi connection for smartphones, PCs and tablets, while upgrades, support and adding options are carried out securely via a VPN connection directly from YACHT CONTROLLER headquarters.

What’s more, users can customize acceleration profiles, automatic mode and optional proportional thruster settings for a sailing experience tailored to their needs.

With a second auxiliary Wi-Fi included, flexibility is a must, as is safety, with 25 transmission channels on 2 frequencies, guaranteeing safe maneuvers. Thanks to the Wi-Fi connection, access to system functions is easy from smartphones, PCs and/or tablets, keeping you connected to your boat with ease.

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