The Yacht Controller is compatible with all brands of electric or electronic engine controls manufactured since 1999, found on the majority of motor yachts. Call us to verify that your engine controls meet these criteria.

Installing a Yacht Controller offers several advantages, such as improved visibility, the joy of maneuvering without external assistance, reduced stress during maneuvers or anchoring, and facilitates the transition to a larger boat size. It’s a versatile solution to optimize control of your boat.

Yes, the Yacht Controller allows simultaneous maneuvering of both engines and thrusters, facilitating delicate maneuvers or lateral movements.

Yes, the Yacht Controller is compatible with boats equipped with a single engine, providing an advanced maneuvering solution with increased reliance on thrusters in such cases.

Yes, the Yacht Controller is compatible with the electric windlass, allowing remote control of anchor lifting and lowering operations.

It is recommended to check compatibility with us, but generally, the Yacht Controller is compatible with most engines. Adaptations may be necessary for specific models.

The selection depends on the boat size. For example, for yachts up to 150 feet, the Supremo model may be recommended for its advanced features, while the Maximo model may suffice for boats up to 80 feet.

No, the installation of the Yacht Controller is plug-and-play, not requiring the boat to be hauled out of the water. This simplifies the installation process.

The installation may take approximately 4 to 6 hours, depending on the model and the complexity of the boat’s electrical system. The SUPREMO model may require more time based on the boat’s specifications.

The installation involves attaching the receiver behind the control panel, connecting to existing systems, and configuring. For example, for the Maximo model, cables and engine interfaces are connected to engine controls and thruster joysticks.

On a flybridge, the Yacht Controller is often installed at the flybridge’s helm, favoring this position over the salon (though clients often choose the dual station option to avoid having to choose during use).

No, the Yacht Controller is discreetly integrated behind the dashboard, providing easy access without compromising aesthetics.

Yes, the Yacht Controller is generally compatible with existing electronics, including navigation systems like Garmin or Raymarine.

It is recommended to check compatibility with us. For example, the NEMESIS model can be optimized for Side-Power thrusters.

The choice depends on individual preferences. For example, the joystick remote is ideal for intuitive use, while the touch remote offers a portable solution similar to traditional engine controls.

Yes, multiple remotes can be synchronized with a single Yacht Controller. For instance, you can have a joystick remote and a touch remote to adapt to specific needs.

The Yacht Controller is powered by the boat’s 12V or 24V battery. The remotes have rechargeable batteries wirelessly charged by induction, with the option to leave them permanently on the charging base.

The Yacht Controller provides advanced safety features, such as the “bi-directional” function on Maximo and Supremo models, instantly confirming all communications between the remote and the receiver. Secured digital frequencies ensure a unique coding for your boat.

No, the professional installation of the Yacht Controller without major modifications to the electrical system does not affect the manufacturer’s warranty.

The Yacht Controller uses wireless technology with a double encrypted digital frequency (65,000 possible combinations) to send commands to engines and thrusters from the remote.

Installing the Windlass control on the Yacht Controller provides centralized control, allowing the captain to manage anchoring operations remotely. The NEMESIS, MAXIMO, and SUPREMO models can optionally integrate control for two windlasses for maximum convenience.

The new systems offer advanced features such as integrated touchscreens, wifi for remote updates, improved range, and customization options. For example, the MAXIMO model has a color touchscreen and an intuitive user interface.

Yes, Yacht Controller systems are designed to be waterproof and shock-resistant. The systems are certified IP67 for protection against water and dust.

The autonomy is several hours, but it is recommended to leave the remote on permanent charge on the optional fixed charging base to avoid forgetting to charge during periods of non-use.